It should come as no surprise that when the weather is extreme in the Willamette Valley, folks flock to the Oregon Coast.

The summers in Bandon are clear and sunny with mild temperatures averaging in the low 70s, perfect for walking on the beach in short sleeves. Rain is rare; average precipitation in July and August is around .5 inch.  It feels wonderful, especially when temperatures in the valley are in the 90s and above.

The winters, although typically overcast, are warmer than the valley, and visitors are often treated to the excitement of watching a storm coming in from the ocean. Frost and snow are very rare as daytime temperatures in December and January average in the mid-50s. These coldest months are also the wettest and receive an average of around 10 inches of rain.

IMG_4716Winters are not all rain, however!  Bandon is at the northern end of the Oregon Coast’s “Banana Belt” which extends to the California/Oregon border. Temperatures in the winter can reach into the mid-60s, accompanied by the sun which is hidden from most others in western Oregon.

Wind speeds typically range between 10-30 mph and for most of the year come from the south and southwest. In the summer, warm summer winds come from the north.  Fog does roll in occasionally, but if there is any wind, the fog doesn’t last long.

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