Golf Highlights & Destinations

When serious traveling golfers hear the word “Bandon,” they don’t think about the beautiful beaches, quaint Old Town, restaurants, and shops, fairs and festivals, or art galleries.  For them, Bandon brings to mind “Golf as it was meant to be.”

Bandon is home to the world-famous Bandon Dunes golf resort which contains 5 distinct courses that stretch across land with some of the best views around.  Golfing at the Dunes is challenging: nature can be unpredictable there, but that’s all part of the game that has its roots in Scotland.  Players walk instead of drive golf carts, and the well-informed ones are prepared for anything.

A trip to Bandon Dunes can be self-contained.  Those who wish to stay at the resort enjoy comfortable accommodations and fine restaurants as well as hiking trails, massage, a gym and sauna, and gift shop.

Golf here doesn’t begin and end with Bandon Dunes.  Bandon Crossings, “the best kept secret” is just south of town.  It was begun by a Eugene couple who had spent a lot of time in Bandon and golfing at the Bandon Dunes.  They were motivated to build a course that was more affordable and accessible to locals and visitors, so they created this public 18-hole course.  Lodging can be arranged through their website.

For those looking for a different kind of golf experience, Bandon City Park is home to an excellent 18-hole disc golf course.  It is free to play and doesn’t require a tee time!