Carnahan’s Chickens & Eggs

Tucked into the beautiful Floras Creek Valley about 20 miles south of Bandon near the small town of Langlois is the family owned Carnahan Livestock.  Carnahan Livestock is a pasture-based poultry production offering seasonal broilers and year-round eggs.

Carnahan’s eggs are available for purchase at the Langlois Market as well as the Seaweed Market in Port Orford, and egg shares are available for purchase direct.  Valley Flora Farms, a neighboring farm, also includes them in their CSA produce shares.

To order a broiler (offered several times throughout the summer and fall), you can contact Carnahan’s through their website, but orders are taken first come-first serve, so order early!

For more information including how to order chickens and eggs, visit Carnahan Livestock’s website.

Pasture-based poultry is a sustainable method of raising poultry that centers around the raising of the birds on pasture and was reintroduced with the help of Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm, made famous through the books of Michael Pollan.  Birds raised using this technique are raised in a cleaner, healthier, and more humane environment.  Learn more about pastured poultry here.