Jet Boating the Rogue

Jerry's Rogue Jets

The Rogue River is one of a relatively small number of rivers in the country designated “Wild and Scenic.”  This designation preserves and protects certain naturally beautiful and culturally significant rivers so they may be free-flowing and available for enjoyment.  You may have seen sections of the river on the big screen while watching the 1994 Kevin Bacon and Meryl Streep movie “The River Wild.”  One of the best ways to enjoy the Rogue River is on a jet boat trip aboard one of Jerry’s Rogue Jets.

Located in Gold Beach, approximately 55 miles south of Gold Beach, family-owned Jerry’s Rogue Jets has been taking passengers on their choice of journeys up the Rogue River to the town of Agness and beyond since 1958. The tours were intentionally designed to be a safe combination of the thrill and adventure of jet boating, nature-based tourism, and an historic (and comedic) education told by the knowledgeable and friendly pilots.

Despite the “wild” designation, the Rogue River isn’t entirely wild.  Although there are rapids in sections, there are also wide calm sections for enjoying the scenery.  Adventurers have a choice of three different round trip excursions.

  1. 64 mile “Historic Mail Route” (5.25 hours) Experience a bit of history as you follow the route of U.S. Postal Service mail carriers who first started delivering mail in 1895 several miles upriver.  Passengers will observe their jet boat pilots still delivering the mail to the town of Agness and picking up what the local post office has to take back to Gold Beach.
  2. 80 mile “Whitewater Journey” (5.5 hours) – For the whitewater fans, the pilot safely leads the jet boat through six different thrilling rapids…and back again! 
  3. *104 mile “Wilderness Whitewater” (7.25 hours) – This day-long adventure takes travelers through exciting whitewater into places only Jerry’s jet boats, rafters and hikers are allowed to go, into the upper wild section of the Rogue River. 

*This 104-mile tour can be turned into an extended overnight stay at Paradise Lodge, only accessible by jet boaters, rafters and hikers.

Jerry’s Rogue Jets also offers private charters, specialty tours, special student rates for school field trips, and groups of 15 or more qualify for a discount.

All tours include a 1.5 mile stop for lunch or dinner (meal cost not included) in the small community of Agness.  Three options are available for meals.  The Cougar Lane Lodge offers BBQ and smoked meat and burgers with salad along with a full bar; the Singing Springs Resort features a buffet with various meats, beans, and vegetables along with beer, wine and other beverages; and the Lucas Lodge serves family-style meals with chicken, vegetables, biscuits, dessert, and a beverage.  The Old Agness Store sells Oregon gifts, fishing gear, local honey and jams, seasonal vegetables, wine, beer, ice cream, and milkshakes.

Jerry’s Rogue Jets’ tours are fun and safe for the entire family. All of the 12 pilots are Coast Guard Certified and have a great deal of experience on the Rogue River. They are knowledgeable not only about wildlife and the history and legends of the area, but about how to help passengers relax and have an exciting trip.

Visit Jerry’s Rogue Jets’ website for more information, including including scheduling and pricing of the tours, a history of boating up the Rogue River, and the family management of the company.