Easy Walks & Exercise

Walking Path in Bandon City Park

Walking options

Bandon City Park
In town, pedestrians can head for the Bandon City Park, located on 11th St. only a quarter mile from beach access. A loop around the park on flat paved paths is a little under .4 mile.  Restrooms are available  If you’d like to add a walk on the beach, continue walking on the sidewalk west on 11th Street another quarter mile to Kroenberg County Park where you’ll find an interpretive trail and stairs that lead to beautiful beaches.

Old Town

Walking along the harbor and down the streets of Old Town is a great way to get some exercise and fresh air, and you can get your fill of people watching while you’re at it. Benches are placed here and there throughout Old Town for a rest while walking and shopping.  Public restrooms are located on the waterfront on First St. as well as in the McNair Building at 395 2nd St.  Old Town starts under the arch at the intersection of Highway 101 and Delaware Ave. SE.  Click here for a map of Old Town Bandon.

Coquille Point Interpretive Trail

Try out the Coquille Point Interpretive Trail for a nice short in-town walk with a view and the option of going down several steps (with a bench mid-way) to the beach.  Begin the trail at the Kronenberg County Park parking area at the west end of SW 11th Ave, just west of Beach Loop Drive.  Here you will find stunning views of the coastline and the many scattered large rocks, or sea stacks, known as the Bandon Islands.  The path is wheelchair accessible and has benches throughout for a longer look at the scenery and a rest.  Throughout the trail are signs educating walkers about the Endangered Species Act, nature’s balance, bird eating habits, bird migration, Murre vs Puffin identification, marine mammals, Coquille Point history, and Coquille Indian sites.  Kronenberg County park has a picnic area as well as public restrooms, so feel free to stay a while!


Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint

Another cliffside walk with views can be found at the Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint.  Located on Beach Loop Drive at about Face Rock Drive, the viewpoint has a large parking area and a path from which you will have breathtaking views of Face Rock, many other of the Bandon Islands, and the expanse of the beach to the north and south.  There are a couple of benches for taking pictures and a rest and steps down to the beach with a bench mid-way.  Stick around the viewpoint area for a picnic and to use the public restrooms.  Click here to read the Legend of Face Rock.

Fishing at the Jetty

South Jetty County Park

To access the beach without navigating stairs, park at the South Jetty County Park and follow the short path to the beach.  The sand can be loose in places, but harder packed sand can be found.  The jetty was built out of concrete and rocks to create a safer place for ships to move back and forth from the ocean to the Coquille River.  Here it is common to find folks hunting for agates and fishing, and occasionally those with keen eyes can find harbor seals just off of the beach.  At the end of the jetty, you will see and hear an automated beacon and fog signal.  It is even possible to climb a short sandy section of the jetty to catch a view of the Coquille River to the north and east, Bullards Beach State Park to the north, and the Coquille Lighthouse to the north.  Public restrooms are available at the parking area.

Walkers on Bandon’s Beach

The ability to walk on the beach is one of the best things about living in and visiting Bandon.  See our Hiking Page for more information about walking on the beaches.

Stay for a while on the Hiking Page if you are interested in a hike that is well suited for your ability and ambition.

Biking options

Beach Loop Drive
Many people find pleasure in riding their bikes on the gently rolling hills of Beach Loop Drive. Beach Loop Drive is approximately 3 miles from end to end, but it is quite easy to add on by continuing to the north down into Old Town or to the south to the highway. The road goes along the beach, and riders are treated to many nice views. It is a lightly traveled street, but traffic does pick up during the tourist season, so be on the lookout for cars.  

North Bank Lane
Bicyclists can find an easy, nicely rolling ride by driving just north of Bandon, over the bridge, to North Bank Lane on the east side of the highway.  A park about a mile down the road is a good spot for staging.  North Bank Lane is a quiet and sparsely traveled alternative route to Coquille.  It follows the Coquille River and winds through pastureland and ranches before connecting with Highway 42.  As it heads east from the ocean, the temperature increases by up to 10 degrees in the spring and summer while riding along.  Riding all the way to Highway 42 and back is 36 miles round trip, but riders can go just as far as they want before turning around.  Although traffic is light on this route, the road is winding and has no shoulder, so be very cautious of cars.  Mornings and weekends are the best times for this route. 

For many more road riding options in the area, see the Two Wheel Oregon website, and zoom in on the Bandon area.

Need to rent a bike? Do you need bike supplies, repairs, or help? Need to talk to someone about where to ride in the area? Go see one of the experienced folks at South Coast Bicycles. They are located on the north end of town on Highway 101 at 805 2nd St. NE. You can also visit their website or give them a call at 541-347-1995.