Scenic Beaches


Bandon’s sea stacks

Bandon and the surrounding areas are famous for their wide beaches.  Frequented by visitors and residents alike, the beaches offer excellent beachcombing, photo opportunities, sand castle building, windsurfing and more.

One of the defining features of the Oregon Coast is its many sea stacks, remnants of an ancient marine terrace.  These rocks are amazing structures. They offer photo opportunities and the occasional cave for exploring.  They are also home to sea anemones, mussels, barnacles, and starfish that cling to their sides as well as thousands of birds who use them to nest, rest, and care for their young. Visitors are discouraged from climbing the rocks, and any rock surrounded by water at mean high tide is illegal to climb as they are part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge and are protected for wildlife.

Elephant Rock

Some of the more notable rocks along Bandon’s beaches are Face Rock, the subject of a well-known local legend; Elephant Rock, shaped like the head of a partially-submerged elephant, and Komax, the faithful dog in the Face Rock legend.

These impressive rocks, or sea stacks, are actually geological landforms caused by erosion.  They are formed when part of a headland is eroded by the force of the ocean crashing against the rock.  The force of the water weakens existing cracks in the headland, eventually causing the headland to collapse, leaving free-standing stacks and even small islands.  Some stacks last for a very long time, likely due to the fact that they are not easily submerged.

The following beaches are located within 28 miles of Bandon and are organized north to south.

Seven Devils State Recreation Site

10 miles north of Bandon is Seven Devils State Recreation Site.  Equipped with restrooms and picnic tables, Seven Devils is an excellent place to start for a beach adventure.  Several miles of open beach are accessible from the parking area which is popular among beachcombers as it is well known for its abundance of agates.  A 2 mile walk south will take visitors to Whiskey Run Beach where windsurfers enjoy the wind and waves.birds

Bandon State Natural Area

Miles of lovely beaches await visitors at the Bandon State Natural Area showcasing towering sea stacks, sea birds, and harbor seals.  Located along Beach Loop Drive in Bandon, the area has many access areas with plenty of parking.  Some popular places to access these beaches are at the jetty near Old Town, Kronenberg County Park, the Face Rock Scenic Viewpoint, China Creek, and Devil’s Kitchen.  The beaches are perfect for a day of walking, wading, beachcombing, picnicking, and viewing sunsets.

Paradise Point State Recreation Site

Located 27 miles south of Bandon, Paradise Point State Recreation Site is one of the many peaceful beaches in the area.  Visitors can beachcomb for agates and enjoy expansive views to the north and south.

Tseriadun State Recreation Site

Known by locals as “Agate Beach”, Tseriadun State Recreation Site is a must for agate hunters.  It is also popular among fishers, photographers, and, as a nice diversion along Highway 101, drivers looking for a break in their travels.